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Tap OChem


Tap OChem is an iPhone and iPad app that puts many organic reactions and concepts at your fingertips, day or night! Understand organic chemistry by visualizing over 130 of the most important concepts and reactions in organic chemistry!  All important for MCAT, PCAT, GRE, OAT, and DCAT. 

The idea for Tap OChem was born when a professor thought that there must be something better than holding molecular models in front of a large classroom.  The students on one side of the large classroom could not see what those on the other side were seeing.  Price point was important. Good animations should be available for both students and teachers!  After the development team, made up of two chemists, mastered animation software and device operating systems, Tap OChem was published as Version 1.0 in 2012 with 60 animations.  Fast forward to four years later, it is now in Version 4.10 with more than double the number of animations and counting!

The low cost of Tap OChem for iPhones and iPads allows animations to be viewed by students on their personal iPhone and iPad devices and projected by instructors in the classroom.  Projecting animations for the class is easy. Students and  professors in over 70 countries around the world have downloaded either the full ($2.99) or lite (free) version.

As a bonus, 20 handy reference tables are in the latest version!  These include a periodic table, bond dissociation energies, common functional groups, free energy values for equatorial vs axial cyclohexane substituents, pKa data, and SN1 vs SN2 vs E1 vs E2, among others.

Don't believe us? Just check out the reviews of this 5 star app on iTunes.  One user writes "Covers all of the major topics and the videos help me visualize the details of the molecules and reactions."..."Could almost replace a whole textbook." 

With more content added in updates on a regular basis (1 major update in 2015 and one major update planned for 2016), Tap OChem is the organic chemistry app that delivers!